Nowadays anything goes for a wedding – especially the weather – and outdoor weddings are subject to unpredictable conditions. Wise brides will be prepared for unseasonably hot, rainy days in the Midwest or cold winds in the tropics.

Who could blame Tyler and Bethany for wanting their summer wedding to be held in a vintage 1888 barn in southeast Wisconsin. This elegant and rustic venue is nestled amidst cows and cornfields at the Over the Vines vineyard.  It rained heavily in the morning but the clouds cleared in time for the ceremony, and by 3 p.m. the temps hit 102 degrees.

Bethany and her florist chose brightly colored mixed roses, sturdy greens and other wilt-resistant flowers for the bouquets and reception decor for this indoor/outdoor event. The bridesmaids wore light, sleeveless dresses with simple-to-maintain hairstyles and the gentlemen were invited to remove their suitcoats after the formal photography session. The result was magnificent! Whether you need umbrellas or snowshoes, plan ahead for all possibilities then relax and have fun!

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