Beautiful Cake Topper

A Beautiful Cake Topper with Roses


Using fresh florals on your wedding cake is not a new idea, but even a simple cake will be spectacular with the use of some pretty posies.

Start with the colors in your bridal palette. Your baker and florist will work together to create a unique cake with flowers to fit your hues and style. Clusters of roses, begonias or orchids can be as sweet as frosting on the cake as toppers or as accents trailing down the layers. Ivy, foliage, vines, or tropical blooms as ornaments can be used for dramatic effect or rustic charm.A few flower petals sprinkled around the base of the wedding cake is a charming touch!

All flowers can be used on cakes with a few basic techniques like clear acetate sheets and water tubes to protect the icing. Your design professionals will help you choose the flowers that will look best and last longest. Remember to have someone remove the blooms before you cut and serve the cake.


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